Wednesday, July 2, 2008

38 Weeks and 2 Days

So I had my 38 week checkup today and was really hoping to be whisked off into the delivery room for a easy, breezy labor and an adorable little baby to bring home. Today was a day for labor, just not mine! My doctor was in scrubs and everything, another patient of hers was in labor. I felt bad wasting her outfit so I told her to take me away...apparently being only 1 centimeter dilated just doesn't cut it. Silly baby. Silly me!

But, that reminded me of a funny story. When my neighbor (Stefanie Bloom) had her baby the week after Pesach, we went to visit them in the hospital. I came in holding flowers with an exciting 'It's a Boy!' balloon! Walking down the hall, a nurse came up to me and asked, "Are you in labor?"
Really lady???? Do people usually come fully prepared with balloons and flowers like that? And I was only about 7 or so months at that point. Great. Just when I thought I wasn't tooooo big!

Anyway, my doctor goes away tomorrow until the 11th. She said she thinks she'll still be the one delivering for me. Shucks. But, she also said she's been wrong before so I'll take that one!
We'll see if she gets to pull my baby out naked or meet it fully clothed!!

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