Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 'No Work Day' everyone!! I'm still here, large and waddly! We had a nice relaxing day. Shuky got up really early and went fishing with Dovid (Bloom) and we had bass for lunch!
We really just hung out all day, toiveled some wedding gifts that we never opened - never had the space in our other house so we kept things boxed up! We finally got our own dining room table a few weeks ago so we went and returned the other table we were using to my father's house. We went to someone's moving sale - didn't find anything good but we love looking at these sales!
What else, nothing really.
We were invited out for both meals for shabbos so we weren't really too worried about having to cook or anything....
Anyway, gonna go relax some more...have a good shabbos everyone!

Love you all and hope to be able to share some good news very soon! (ten days left till my due date!!!!!!)

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