Monday, July 14, 2008

40 Weeks!

Just letting everyone know that NOTHING is happening. Had my 40 week appointment, A.K.A. due date appointment, today...still only one centimeter dilated. My doctor asked if I would cry when I heard the truth or should she lie...she's so good to me!
I have another appointment scheduled for next Monday. But good ol' doctor said she'll keep her fingers crossed for me that I see her before then. Like I said, she really takes care of me!

Not feeling too great, physically and moodwise, so off I go to sulk. Just wanted to let everyone know that there's nothing new to report. Two weeks later. Score.


Sruly said...

Now the real fun begins ... waiting. By Dovid we were 9 days late, each day felt like a decade.

Chani Meyer said...

it really feels like this will NEVER end!!!