Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yet another Shabbos come and gone...

Still no news. We were sure it would happen!!! Oh well. At least we didn't have a boring shabbos in the hospital! Last night, in middle of the meal, Shuky had a small asthma issue and he was getting all nervous that we would have to go to the hospital - for him, not me! And then he got even more nervous that he wouldn't be able to drive me if I did need to go. So me and the baby decided we would wait for him to be able to breathe again. We're nice like that!
We shall see what the next few days bring I guess...Monday is the tell-tale 'doctor makes a decision' day.
I don't want my kid to have a fast day as a birthday, but if it decides tomorrow is the day, then by all means, BRING IT ON!

Have a good night and an easy fast!

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