Wednesday, July 16, 2008

95 Degrees

Wow, such high temperatures are not as much fun when your hugely pregnant! Which I still am, by the way! I went to the library today and took out some movies and turned my AC all the way down...time to veg out!!!!

Love you all!!! Keep those fingers and toes crossed....


Stefanie said...

You mentioned before about crossing toes..... how? I need a step by step explaination here:)

Chani Meyer said...

i think i would have to actually show you...its kinda hard to explain. but not hard to accomplish!!!

BobbiStorm said...

95 degrees? ummm ewwww
well i remember the day a week or so before i had shuky and we had a santana wind day and i left the doctors office and it said 105 degrees on the bank and i thought... 105???

must be shuky's kid alright :)

doesnt get 95 in miami cause it just rains before that