Saturday, July 12, 2008


It feels like every post lately sounds the same, I'm sort of at a loss for what to say. Nothing new to report. Still pregnant. Still waiting. Twiddling my thumbs, hoping this child wants come out and meet us eventually!!!! Shabbos was obviously uneventful. Ate both meals with the Blooms! Good food, good company, all makes for a good, calm Shabbos!

Alright, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still Pregasauras Rex.

Have a good night!


BobbiStorm said...

do they induce in iowa?

heard angelina said "enoughs enough!"

don't feel you have to wait for the doctor to get back from their vacation

tomorrow is Bastille Day!

Chani Meyer said...

well luckily my doctor is back now but trust me, i was not intentionally waiting for her!

and ya, they induce out here.

BobbiStorm said...

this is driving me nuts.

when i was the one due it never worried me, course i was usually in denial that i was actually going to go through childbirth again

eliezer deserves awards for patience as i would look up and say "Im gonna have a baby" somewhere between transition and the baby coming out. seriously.. it always seems so anti-climatic like "this is it???" after all that waiting

and shuky came out fast.. btw.

and i feel helpless and hope you have a very easy, good, upbeat delivery ..

going out of my mind more than i normally am :)

love you both... limbo sucks

Tia M said...

Well no wonder you can't sleep, you swallowed a watermelon!!!!!

Wishing you an easy, speedy delivery.


Tia M

Chani Meyer said...

ha more like an entire watermelon patch!!!!

Janan said...

OMG Chani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you sure you aren't having twins? lol

I can't get over how big your "watermelon patch" looks!!!!!!! Well, let those watermelons loose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!