Monday, July 28, 2008

...The Continuation

So, it's been somewhat hectic these past couple of days. But I'm sitting outside my house with my baby, enjoying the quiet and beauty - of my baby and outside the four walls of my house!
I never came back to finish writing about Shabbos so I'll just do a quick recap of how the rest went...
Lunch was nice, sort of a whatever-whenever kind of deal. The afternoon brought a few visitors...we have that huge window in the living room so people walking to and from shul saw us and stopped by to say mazal tov and meet the little man. And after the meal, people came to hang out...
Now, I may be biased, but I believe this child is a genius already! He rolled over from his back to his tummy all by himself! He has found his thumb and sucks it quite aggressively when his pacifier is not in place. He knows just the right faces and sounds to make to get exactly what he wants! Like I said, in my unbiased opinion, pure genius!
Saturday night was really tough, he kept us up the entire night. And, because my labor was so intense and the pushing so long and hard, my neck and back were extremely sore all weekend, to the point of not being able to move in any direction, in the slightest bit. So put that pain and annoyance together with a screaming baby and a serious lack of sleep and you've got quite a handful. Well, Shuky did anyway! Poor guy, new kid and wife crying together! I'm glad he didn't cry too!! (Not that he would, in case anyone is now questioning his macho-ness) Needless to say, Sunday morning was a bit hard. We had to go back to the hospital to have Baby's 'yellow-ness' checked out. And they were going to take a look at my neck and see if there's anything to do about it...Well, after the night we had, it was a bit rough getting out of the house but we finally made it. He got his blood work done and turns out the Bilie Rubin level was pretty high. And as far as my neck was concerned, they ruled out a spinal headache (a side effect of the intrathecal I got) and said all they could suggest was mild doses of tylenol and ibuprofen and they signed me up for physical therapy again (I say again because I had to go to PT during my second trimester for my sciatica). We went to Walmart on the way home, stocked up on a bunch more stuff we needed, had to make sure this baby really learned what it meant to be Iowan. When we got home, Rabbi Klien (the mohel) came by and told us we have to wait to do the bris. He said the earliest possible day is next Thursday. Basically, on Friday, at his first official appointment, they have to do the Bilie Rubin blood test again and if it is at a certain level, halacha says you have to wait seven days from that point to be sure that the body is completely healthy and able to handle it. So Baby it is for a little while longer! At some point in the afternoon, my headache and neck pains went away and I felt like a completely new person!
Anyway, last night was much better, he slept longer and wasn't as cranky when he was up. And my neck not acting up made it alot easier to handle the long hours and crying baby! I brought him into my bed when he got cranky and he slept really nicely for the last few hours of the morning, didn't wake up until around 7 or 8!
Shuky went to Minneapolis to pick up his mom and Moishy and me and Baby hung out all day. Rochel came over for some of the day and we all relaxed together, watched some TV, me and Baby napped for a few hours...worked a bit on getting the house ready for company!
Right now, we're sitting outside (like I mentioned before) and our neighbors (who have been around forever, I'm sure of it. And I mean FOREVER) just came over to meet the little one and see him in all his deliciousness! It's great living in a quiet little country town like this!
The little man is super excited to get to meet all the family - Bubby, Uncle Moishy, Aunt Mimi and his cousins Zalmy and Shaina, and tomorrow Uncle Sruly (is that what you want to be called?) is coming! He hasn't stopped asking me questions about everyone! And then when the bris finally rolls around, a whole new squad of family comes to town! Oh, the excitement!!!
Alright, now that I've updated this blog, I'm gonna sit here and enjoy the peace and quiet. And get some bills taken care of. I guess those things are important too.
Not as important as the blog obviously!

PS If anyone wants dibs on being called something in particular, let us know...we can be quite accomodating sometimes!


Penina said...

hey, its penina, was reading your blog, just wanted to say hope you feel better and the baby lets you get your rest:) he looks sooo cute in the pics.

Chani Meyer said...

thanks! he's been getting better, the hardest thing is painful! and the other pains and sores have been getting much better too, thank god!